Products manufactured in Spain, Quality that we are proud to represent


Our portfolio is composed of products from Spain that excel for different reasons that vary depending on the products. Our food products, such as wines, olive oils, saffrons and other spices, rices and olives, are all made following the highest standards of quality, by manufacturers that are very proud of their products.


Our lines of specialty cookware are extremely unique such as the Terracotta cookware, made by Hijos de Pablo Padilla, a manufacturing company since 1920. Their expertise in manufacturing with clay is undeniable. Likewise, our paella cookware is produced in Valencia (Spain) by the biggest manufacturer of these unique products.



Our team is composed of  highly prepared professionals, specialists in different areas of the business.

Our team in Spain is in charge of purchasing, with a long career in the food industry and long term relationships with most manufacturers in the food industry in Spain. They work to keep our portfolio updated with new products constantly, to better serve our customers.

Our team in the United States is very experienced in sales and marketing, and work hard to keep our customers satisfied. We are focused on good service and on a steady growth of our customers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.



We are committed to serve our customers as we would like always to be served. We listen to their needs and suggestions so that they will be totally satisfied with our products and our service.

Our customers trust in us and they always come back with new orders, not only because of our products, but also because of the way they are treated.

Contact us and experience for yourself.  Looking forward to working with you!



Carlos Jimenez

Sales Director